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Polish Public Opinion

January 2021

Annual balance of social moods
Subjective well-being in 2020
Activities and experiences of Poles in 2020
Satisfaction with life

"Opinions and Diagnoses"

no 45
Social Structure – View before Coronavirus Pandemic

no 46
The Coronavirus Pandemic in Opinions of Poles


Fear of Coronavirus and Evaluation of Government Actions in February
Attitude to Government in February
Moods on the Job Market in the First Decade of February
Dashed Hopes – PO–PiS Twenty Years Later
COVID-19 Vaccinations – Decisions and Opinions
Social Moods in February
Trust in Politicians in February
Political Views of Young People versus Their Sex and Place of Residence
Family 500 Plus Programme Five Years after Introduction
Are Young Polish Women Left­-Wing?

A recent CBOS report showed that in 2020 the percentage of young Poles (aged 18–24) with left­-wing views had virtually doubled since the previous year, and at 30% was now the highest since records began. For the first time in almost twenty years there were more young people with left­-wing leanings than those who favoured the right. It is young women who are largely responsible for this record. A huge 40% identify with the political left, compared to 22% of young men. This is the most since records began and a jump of 20 percentage points on the previous year.
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More on this subject in the CBOS report.
The above data is based on annual tallies created by aggregating results from the twelve surveys carried out each calendar year, and covers the years 2015–2020.

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