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"Opinions and Diagnoses"

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25 Years of Freedom – a Balance Sheet of Changes

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Polish rural areas: changes, trends, stereotypes

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Religiousness and Catholic Church Ten Years after John Paul II’s Death


Attitude to Government in April
Social Moods in April
Trust in Politicians in April
Opinions about Parliament, President and National Electoral Commission (PKW)
Presidential Election: Voting Confidence, Preferences of Undecided and Predictions
Knowledge about Improvements in Voting Accessibility before Presidential Election
Who is Going to Vote? Determinants of Participation in Presidential Election
Voters Decisions in Potential Second Round of Presidential Election
70th Anniversary of the End of World War II
Country and Neighborhood Subjective Safety
Opinions about Trade Unions and Miners’ Protests
It Is Safe to Live in Poland

In the last fifteen years opinion on safety in Poland has changed entirely. In the 1990’s vast majority of Poles was very critical on that matter, however, since 2001 proportion of the unsatisfied has been decreasing significantly and systematically. In 2007 the proportions switched. Currently two thirds of interviewees (66%) say that Poland is the country in which you can live safely while over a quarter (28%) oppose that opinion.
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More on that issue can be found in the CBOS report in Polish: “Country and Neighborhood Subjective Safety”
The data comes from the surveys “Current Problems and Events” conducted in years 1987–2015.

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