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Our surveys "Current Problems and Events" are carried out at least 12 times a year on a sample representative for adult Polish population, with N=1000.
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Are News and Current Affairs Programmes on TV Objective?

News and current affairs programmes on public service television (TVP) are generally seen as supportive of the government and the ruling party ...

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nr 62 (2017-05-29)
Is it Worth Learning?

nr 61 (2017-05-25)
Divided Sovereign ...

nr 60 (2017-05-23)
Social Moods in May

nr 59 (2017-05-22)
Trust in Politicians in May

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CBOS conducts both quantitative and qualitative research, as well as projects combining both approaches. Since every project requires indivdual design of research tools, we adapt the methodology to the needs of each client.
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APRIL 2017

Reactions to re-election of Donald ...
Opinions about security and crime ...
Preferred model of the European ...
Internet use
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