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167.  Perception of Economic Globalisation
166.  Trust in Politicians in November
165.  Opinions about Women Rights, “Black Protests” and Abortion Law
164.  Do Older People Experience Discrimination in Our Society?
163.  How Do Older People Spend Their Time?
162.  What Kind of Help Do Older People Need and Who Provides It?
161.  Older People and Younger Generations – Daily Problems
160.  Socio-demographic Portrait of Older People
159.  Social Moods in November
158.  Over the Counter Medications and Dietary Supplements
157.  Parents’ Spending on Education of Children in School Year 2016/2017
156.  Government Ratings after a Year of Activity
155.  Public Opinion about Use of European Funds
154.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Constitutional Tribunal
153.  Attitudes towards Refugees
152.  Party Preferences in November
151.  Between Patriotism and Nationalism
150.  Detailed Evaluations of the Government
149.  Opinions about United States Presidential Elections and Polish-American Relations
148.  Health Online
147.  Trust in Politicians in October
146.  Attitude to Government
145.  Social Moods in October
144.  What Abortion Law Do Poles Expect?
143.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Constitutional Tribunal
142.  Political Party Preferences in October - Year After Parliamentary Elections
141.  Do 18-44 Year Olds Think about Sources of Income in Retirement
140.  Opinions about Lowering Retirement Age
139.  Poles about PiS Campaign Promises
138.  Health and Healthy Behaviours
137.  Holiday Trips of Young Children
136.  Attitudes towards Refugees
135.  School Students Vacation - Holiday Trips and Paid Work
134.  Ban on Sunday Trading
133.  Opinions about Public Institutions
132.  Trust in Politicians in September
131.  Social Moods in September
130.  Attitude to Government in September
129.  Political Party Preferences in September
128.  Attitudes towards Refugees
127.  Terrorist Threat
126.  What Remained of the World Youth Day
125.  Summary of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro
124.  Trust in Politicians in the Second Half of August
123.  Attitude to Government
122.  Social Moods in August
121.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Constitutional Tribunal
120.  Political Party Preferences in the Second Half of August
119.  Attitudes towards Organ Transplantations
118.  Saving on Healthcare
117.  Evaluations and Forecasts of Economic Situation and Living Conditions of Households in the Visegrad Group Countries
116.  Tell Me What News Program You Watch, and I’ll Tell You Who You Are
115.  Food Waste
114.  Household Healthcare Spending
113.  Opinions about Healthcare System
112.  Use of Healthcare Services and Insurance
111.  Attitudes towards Refugees
110.  Poles about World Youth Day in Krakow
109.  Opinions on Poland’s Engagement in the Operations of Global Coalition to Counter so-called Islamic State
108.  Attitude to Government in July
107.  Trust in Politicians in July
106.  Social Moods in July
105.  Reactions to the Result of British EU Referendum
104.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Constitutional Tribunal
103.  The Arguments of Supporters and Opponents of the Current Government
102.  Professional Ethics
101.  Political Party Preferences in July
100.  Opinions about Democracy
99.  Attitude to NATO and Presence of Allied Troops in Poland
98.  Attitudes towards Refugees
97.  Football and its Fans
96.  Contacts between Poles and Germans
95.  Opinions of the Political Parties’ Electorates
94.  Approval and Disapproval of the Political Parties and Movements
93.  Visiting Religious Websites and Internet Portals
92.  Use of the Internet
91.  Trust in Politicians in June
90.  Social Moods in June
89.  Attitude to Government in June
88.  Relations between Poland and Germany 25 Years after Signing the Treaty of Good Neighbourship
87.  UEFA Euro 2016
86.  Reactions to the European Commission’s Opinion on the Rule of Law in Poland
85.  Attitudes towards Paying Taxes
84.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Constitutional Tribunal
83.  Political Party Preferences in June
82.  Increase Representativeness of Political Parties
81.  The Image of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo
80.  Political Party Preferences in the Second Half of May
79.  Attitudes towards Refugees after the Announcement of the European Commission’s New Proposal on Reforming European Asylum System
78.  Tax Returns 2015
77.  Trust in Politicians in May
76.  Social Moods in May
75.  Drop in the Government Ratings
74.  Opinions about Public Institutions
73.  Political Party Preferences in May
72.  Internet Surveillance
71.  Acceptability of Abortion in Various Circumstances
70.  Unemployed 2016
69.  Migrant Crisis after the Attacks in Brussels
68.  Historical Consciousness in Poland
67.  Opinions about the Constitutional Tribunal
66.  Financing Public Media
65.  Terrorism Threat after the Attacks in Brussels
64.  Material Living Conditions
63.  What’s Next for People with Swiss Franc-Denominated Mortgages?
62.  Public Opinion on the Dispute over the Constitutional Tribunal
61.  Subjective Safety and Crime Risk
60.  Trust in Politicians in April
59.  Social Moods in April
58.  Attitude to Government in April
57.  Opinions about Public Institutions
56.  The 1050 Anniversary of the Baptism of Poland
55.  Political Party Preferences in the First Week of April
54.  Attitudes towards Refugees in Poland and Czech Republic
53.  Attitudes towards Other Nations
52.  Poles about Explaining of the Smolensk Air Disaster on the Eve of Its 6th Anniversary
51.  Opinions about Abortion
50.  Evaluations and Forecasts of Economic Situation and Living Conditions of Households in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
49.  Opinions About Job Market and Threat of Unemployment
48.  Opinions on Lech Wałęsa, his past and historic role
47.  Easter
46.  Trust in Politicians in March
45.  Political Party Preferences after Intensification of Constitutional Crisis
44.  Opinions about the Plan for Responsible Growth
43.  Opinions about Public Institutions
42.  Social Moods in March
41.  Attitude to Government after 100 Days of Activity
40.  Charity in Poland
39.  State of Natural Environment and Climate Change
38.  Political Party Preferences in March
37.  Climate Change in Comparison to Other Civilization Threats and Awareness of Sources of Global CO2 Emission
36.  Energy Conservation and Prosumer Energetics
35.  Public Opinion on New Solutions in Socio-economic Policy
34.  Professional Diligence and Fairness
33.  Interest in Situation in Ukraine and Sense of Threat
32.  Energetics and Ecology - Declarations and Attitudes
31.  Poland in European Union
30.  Activities and Experiences in 2015
29.  Trust in Politicians in February
28.  The Future of Poland's Energy Supply
27.  Social Moods in February
26.  Poles about Participation in Lawmaking and Lobbying
25.  'Family 500 Plus' Programme as a Component of State Support for Families and Boosting Demography
24.  Attitudes towards Refugees
23.  No Change in Government Ratings
22.  Willingness to Cooperate
21.  Holiday Trips in 2015 and Plans for 2016
20.  Opinions about Parliament and President
19.  Political Party Preferences in February
18.  Social Trust
17.  Opinions about Democracy
16.  Socio-political Activity in Poland
15.  Involvement in Volunteering
14.  Political Party Preferences in the 3rd Part of January
13.  Activity in Social Organizations
12.  Attitudes towards Refugees
11.  Social Moods in January
10.  Trust in Politicians in January
9.  Improvement of Government Ratings
8.  Opinions about Parliament and President
7.  Political Party Preferences in January
6.  Psychological Wellbeing in 2015
5.  Knowledge of Foreign Languages and Foreign Trips
4.  Life satisfaction
3.  Event of the Year 2015 in Poland and in the World
2.  Evaluations of the Year 2015 and Forecasts for the Year 2016
1.  Politician of the Year 2015 in Poland and in the World