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154.  Poles on Reparations
Published today
153.  Monologue, Dialogue or Quarrel – Talking Politics
152.  Trust in Politicians in November
151.  Social Ties
150.  Attitude to Government after Two Years of Activity
149.  Social Moods in November
148.  Opinions about Parliament and President
147.  Political Party Preferences in November
146.  Relations Among Neighbours
145.  Evaluation of Government’s Achievements after Two Years of Activity
144.  Parents’ Spending on Education of Children in School Year 2017/2018
143.  Economic Patriotism
142.  Sexual Harassment or Compliment
141.  PSL Voters in Years 2005-2017
140.  Attitude to Government in October
139.  Trust in Politicians in October
138.  Social Moods in October
137.  Opinions about Access to Firearms
136.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Media
135.  Identification with Political Parties, Electoral Alternatives and Negative Electorates Halfway through the Term of Sejm
134.  Political Party Preferences in October
133.  The Use of National and Patriotic Symbols
132.  Role of the State in Economy
131.  Kukiz’15 Voters Yesterday and Today
130.  PiS and PO Voters in the Last Twelve Years
129.  Should Students Work During the Holidays?
128.  School Students Summer Vacation
127.  Economic Conditions of Households
126.  History of the Modern Party (Nowoczesna) Electorate
125.  Households Standard of Equipment
124.  Opinions about Public Institutions
123.  Trust in Politicians in September
122.  Social Moods in September
121.  Improvement in Assessments of Government
120.  Who Are the People who Declare their Intention to Vote in the Sejm Elections, but Who Are Undecided Whom to Support?
119.  Political Party Preferences in September
118.  Opinions on Democracy
117.  Women's Procreation Plans
116.  Poles versus Ticks
115.  Who Does Not Like "Good Change"?
114.  Is It Only Jasna Góra Monastery? Pilgrimage Experience in Poland
113.  Tattoos in Fashion
112.  Scenery after Presidential Veto
111.  Trust in Politicians at the Beginning of New Political Season
110.  Social Moods in August
109.  Attitude to Government in the Second Half of August
108.  Opinions about Parliament and President
107.  Principles of Democracy and Their Implementation in Poland
106.  Political Party Preferences in August
105.  Left-Wing Voters since 2005
104.  Are We Satisfied with Our Appearance
103.  The Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians about European Integration
102.  Are Young Poles Right-Wing?
101.  Willingness to Vote and Interest in Politics
100.  Obligation to Vaccinate Children
99.  Use of Mobile Phones
98.  Adult Children Living with Parents
97.  What Issues Should Be the Subject of Referendums?
96.  Poles on Traffic Accidents
95.  Influence on Public Affairs
94.  Financing Public Media
93.  Unmarried People in Polish Families
92.  Social Moods in July
91.  Trust in Politicians at the Beginning of Holiday Season
90.  Attitude to Government in July
89.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Constitutional Tribunal
88.  Political Party Preferences at the Beginning of Holiday Season
87.  Trade Unions in Poland
86.  Driving Style in Poland
85.  Attitude to Social Inequality
84.  Membership in Religious Movements and Communities
83.  Perception of Poverty
82.  Using Mobile Phones behind the Wheel
81.  Political Party Antipathies
80.  Representativeness of the Political Scene
79.  Trust in Politicians in June
78.  Social Moods in June
77.  Referendum on Constitution – First Reactions
76.  Opinions about Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Courts and Commissioner for Human Rights
75.  Attitude to Government in June
74.  Opinions about Parliament and President
73.  Political Party Preferences in June
72.  Corruption Experience in Poland
71.  Public Opinion about Composition of the Government
70.  How to Achieve Professional Success?
69.  Opinions about Reprivatisation
68.  Gamblers
67.  Before Lowering Retirement Age: How to Keep Poles on the Labour Market
66.  General Attitude towards Political Parties
65.  Expectations to Polish Politicians in Relation to the EU's Migration Crisis
64.  Tax Returns 2016
63.  Opinions on Corruption in Poland
62.  Is it Worth Learning?
61.  Divided Sovereign - Sympathizers of Rulers versus Sympathizers of the Opposition and Non-aligned
60.  Social Moods in May
59.  Trust in Politicians in May
58.  Attitude to Government in May
57.  Should Education Reform Be Put to the Vote in a Referendum?
56.  Opinions about Parliament and President
55.  Political Party Preferences in May
54.  Detachment from the Media Coverage
53.  Online Media
52.  Evaluation of Credibility of TV News and Current Affairs Journalistic TV Programs
51.  The Unemployed 2017
50.  What European Union Do Polish People Want?
49.  Use of the Internet
48.  Subjective Safety and Crime Risk
47.  Trust in Politicians in April
46.  Social Moods in April
45.  After Re-election of Donald Tusk as President of the European Council
44.  Attitudes towards Refugees
43.  Attitude to the Government before Vote of No Confidence in the Parliament
42.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Media
41.  The Meaning of Life – Yesterday and Today
40.  Political Party Preferences in April
39.  Material Living Conditions
38.  Identification with Political Parties, Electoral Alternatives and Negative Electorates
37.  20th Anniversary of Constitution of the Republic of Poland
36.  Opinions about ‘Family 500 Plus’ Programme after Nearly a Year since Introduction
35.  Opinions About Job Market and Threat of Unemployment
34.  Social Moods in March
33.  Trust in Politicians in March
32.  Opinions about Public Institutions
31.  Opinions about Judicial System in Poland
30.  Common Good and Property Rights
29.  Attitude to Government in the First Decade of March
28.  Political Party Preferences in March
27.  Attitude to Territorial Defence Force
26.  Attitude to NATO and Presence of Allied Troops in Poland
25.  Opinions about Term of Office Limits at Local Government Level
24.  Holiday Trips in 2016 and Plans for 2017
23.  Opinions about Donald Tusk as President of the European Council
22.  Polish Anti-communist Resistance Movements in Collective Memory
21.  Attitudes towards Other Nations
20.  Trust in Politicians in February
19.  Social Moods in February
18.  Attitude to Government in February
17.  Opinions about Parliament, President, Courts and Prosecutor’s Office
16.  Opinions on the Education Reform
15.  Political Party Preferences in February
14.  Opinions on Democracy
13.  Hopes and Fears for 2017
12.  Activities and Experiences in 2016
11.  Psychological Wellbeing in 2016
10.  Trust in Politicians in January
9.  Social Moods in January
8.  Image Impact of Parliamentary Crisis
7.  Attitude to Government in January
6.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Constitutional Tribunal
5.  Political Party Preferences in January
4.  Morality and Religion
3.  Life Satisfaction
2.  Politician of the Year 2016 in Poland and in the World
1.  Poles' Attitudes towards Refugees