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21.  Attitudes towards Other Nations
20.  Trust in Politicians in February
19.  Social Moods in February
18.  Attitude to Government in February
17.  Opinions about Parliament, President, Courts and Prosecutor’s Office
16.  Opinions on the Education Reform
15.  Political Party Preferences in February
14.  Opinions on Democracy
13.  Hopes and Fears for 2017
12.  Activities and Experiences in 2016
11.  Psychological Wellbeing in 2016
10.  Trust in Politicians in January
9.  Social Moods in January
8.  Image Impact of Parliamentary Crisis
7.  Attitude to Government in January
6.  Opinions about Parliament, President and Constitutional Tribunal
5.  Political Party Preferences in January
4.  Morality and Religion
3.  Life Satisfaction
2.  Politician of the Year 2016 in Poland and in the World
1.  Poles' Attitudes towards Refugees