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"Opinions and Diagnoses"

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Family PLUS. Situation of Polish Families and Opinions on Pro-Family Policy

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Youth 2016


Unmarried People in Polish Families
Financing Public Media
Influence on Public Affairs
Poles on Traffic Accidents
What Issues Should Be the Subject of Referendums?
Adult Children Living with Parents
Use of Mobile Phones
Obligation to Vaccinate Children
Willingness to Vote and Interest in Politics
Are Young Poles Right-Wing?
The Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians about European Integration
Are We Satisfied with Our Appearance
Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians on Membership of the European Union

Poland is the most pro-EU of the countries in the Visegrad Group, with Poles being the most numerous and strongest supporters of their country’s membership of the European Union (88% in favour, including 52% decidedly in favour). A majority of those surveyed in the remaining countries of the V4 are also supporters of EU membership: over four fifths of Hungarians (82%), virtually three quarters of Slovaks (74%) and over a half of Czechs (56%).
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Of the four nations surveyed, Poland is the only one in which proponents of full integration are in a clear majority. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia there is a majority of those who want to be among the countries cooperating to a lesser degree. In Hungary supporters and opponents of full integration are more or less evenly split.
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The ‘Current Events and Problems’ survey (325) was carried out 1-8 June 2017 using computer-assisted (CAPI) face to face interviews on a representative sample of 1020 adults resident in Poland. The survey in the Czech Republic (CVVM Sociological Institute) was carried out 5-18 June 2017 (N=983), in Slovakia (FOCUS) 31 May-4 June 2017 (N=1012) and in Hungary (TÁRKI) 14-23 July (N=1017). In Poland, Slovakia and Hungary the samples were of adult residents aged 18 and over; in the Czech republic aged 15 and over.

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