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"Opinions and Diagnoses"

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Poles on Democracy and Party System

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Are We Living Better?


On Polish-American Relationships and the Presidency of Donald Trump
Polish Foreign Policy – Assessments and Postulates
On Polish-American Relationships and the Presidency of Donald Trump
Who Knows How Much We Earn? Attitude to Income Disclosure
Interest in Elections to Local Authorities and Declared Participation
Increase in Income Expectations
Subjective Safety and Crime Risk
Use of the Internet
Motives to Vote for Political Parties
Political Party Preferences in May
Opinions about Parliament, President and Local Authorities
Drop in the Government Ratings
On-line Shopping?

In the month preceding this survey just over half of internet users (51%, which is a third of all adults) did some on-line shopping. This is a larger number than a year ago, and the largest since CBOS records began in 2002. There are most regular on-line shoppers among those internet users with higher education (67%) and aged 35-44 (63%), and least among those aged over 55 (27% aged 55-64 and 29% aged over 65), with primary education only (21%) and in a poor financial situation (19%).
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In 2002 and 2004 people were asked about the previous three months

The most popular items to buy on-line were clothes and shoes, followed at some distance by toys and other things for children, electronic equipment, books, cosmetics, car accessories and sports equipment. Less commonly bought items included train, coach or airplane tickets, medicines, access to services or content, food and multimedia.
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More on this subject in the CBOS report.
The above data comes from ‘Current Events and Problems’ surveys carried out in the period 2002-2018.

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