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Polish Public Opinion

March 2019

20 years of Poland's membership in NATO
Opinions about the work of Polish Members of the European Parliament
Opinions about budget deficit
Acceptance of alternative models of family life
Preferences for the family model

"Opinions and Diagnoses"

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100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence. Remembrance and Community

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School and Social Inequalities


Political Party Preferences in April
Attitude to Government in April
Political Party Preferences in Elections to European Parliament
Opinions about Parliament and President
15 Years of Polish Membership in European Union
Trust in Politicians in April
Family Ties
Social Moods in April
Support for Poland’s Membership in European Union an Interest in Elections to European Parliament
Material Living Conditions
Support for Poland’s membership of the European Union on the Eve of the 15th Anniversary of Joining and in Advance of Elections to the European Parliament

In the first weeks of April, less than a month before the 15th anniversary of Poland becoming part of the European Union, and in advance of the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament, support for Poland’s membership has reached a record high. Of the people surveyed, 91% in total declared their support, and 59% did so strongly. One in 20 respondents were not in favour of Poland’s presence in the EU, with only one in 100 being strongly against. By comparison, just after Poland joined the EU in 2004, the percentage of those against membership was four times higher than it is now. Also before the fifth and the tenth anniversary of Poland’s presence in the EU, the percentage of its opponents, though lower than immediately after accession, was considerably higher than at present. In April 2004, just before accession, support for Poland’s membership was clearly lower than afterwards.
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More on this subject in the CBOS report.
The above data comes from ‘Current Events and Problems’ surveys carried out in the period 2004–2019.

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