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Polish Public Opinion

April 2020

Katyń massacre and evaluation of Polish-Russian relations
10 years after the Smoleńsk plane crash
Social trust
Material living conditions before the epidemic

"Opinions and Diagnoses"

no 43
Youth 2018

no 44
Contemporary Polish Family


Poles about Their Debts and Savings in the First Half of March
Social Moods in the Last Quarter
Affiliation Identifications
Preferences in Potential Presidential Election
Assessment of Government Actions During the Epidemic
Impacts of the Coronavirus Epidemic on Professional Life and Home Budgets
Moods of Internet Users in the Third Decade Of April
Opinions about Coronavirus Epidemic and Related Restrictions
Internet Users about Labour Market in the Third Decade of April
Everyday Life in the Time of Plague
The Epidemic and Everyday Life

During the period of severest restrictions in connection with the epidemic, the following were indicated as the most oppressive of them: having to stay at home and being unable to go where you wanted (48%), parks and woodlands being out of bounds (45%) and having to cover your mouth and nose (44%). During the weeks of social isolation the most common feelings were, on the one hand, boredom with domestic routines (39%) and, on the other, loneliness (38%). The most frequently indicated positive aspect of isolation was a drop in living expenses (40%).
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More on this subject in the CBOS report.
The above data comes from a survey carried out by the CBOS Foundation and research-analytics company IQS in cooperation, in the form of a Computer-Assisted Web Interview (CAWI) on a sample of 1000 respondents from the IQS Poland-wide online research panel. The survey was carried out in the period 23 04 2020 – 27 04 2020.

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