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Polish Public Opinion

September 2021

Attitude to refugees and the situation of migrants at the border
Use of health benefits and insurance
Problems with water
Reading books

"Opinions and Diagnoses"

no 45
Social Structure – View before Coronavirus Pandemic

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The Coronavirus Pandemic in Opinions of Poles

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Ecology and Energy – Actions and Opinions


School Students Summer Vacations in the Second Year of Pandemic
Opinions about Healthcare System
Financial Expectations of the Protesting Medics
Poles about Dispute with the EU and Membership in This Organization
Attitude to Government in the First Half of October
Opinions about Parliament and President
Trust in Politicians in October
Social Moods in October
Attitude to COVID-19 Vaccinations and Perception of Government Policy in October
Political Party Preferences in the Second Half of October
Moods on the Job Market in the Second Half of October
Polish-German Relations – Evaluation and Perceived Problems
Parent’s Spending on Education of Children in School Year 2021/2022
Summer Holidays in the Second Year of the Pandemic

During this year’s summer break from school, decidedly more schoolchildren than last year went away for at least a week. The total percentage of households organising this sort of holiday for their school-age children rose by 26 points on last year (from 46% to 72%) and there was a rise of 22 percentage points in households where all school-age children went away. It has to be stressed that 2020 was in this respect one of the worst years since CBOS records began: in the period 1993–2021 there have only been four years when a majority of families did not ensure a holiday for their children. One must also remember that last year’s drop came after a very good five-year period, during which most of the households surveyed reported that all their school-age children had been away for a summer holiday of at least a week. This year’s responses are virtually the same as in 2018, which was a record year. It would therefore seem that, in this second pandemic summer, more children and young people of school age have been away than in 2019, the summer immediately before the pandemic began.
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People have learned to live with their fear, and the majority decided to let their children go away on holiday. CBOS research shows this clearly: while last year the Covid pandemic was one of the two major reasons for opting out of children’s holidays away, by this year it had faded into the background, with only 3% of respondents from households with school-age children volunteering this reason for one of the children not going away, compared to 22% in 2020 (i.e. 1% and 13%, respectively, of total respondents from households with school-age children).
More on this subject in the CBOS report.
The above data comes from ‘Current Events and Problems’ surveys carried out in the period 1993–2021.

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