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Polish Public Opinion

April 2022

Opinions of Poles about support for the fight in Ukraine
Scenarios of the development of the situation in Ukraine
Ukrainian refugees in Poland
ssessment of Joe Biden's visit to Poland and Polish-American relations

"Opinions and Diagnoses"

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The Coronavirus Pandemic in Opinions of Poles

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Ecology and Energy – Actions and Opinions

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Young Poles in CBOS Surveys 1989–2021


Poles about Support for Fighting Ukraine
Opinions about Parliament and President
Trust in Politicians in April
Assessment of Joe Biden‘s Visit in Poland, His Presidency and Polish-American Relations
Social Moods in April
The End of the Coronavirus Epidemic?
Attitude to Government in April
Scenarios for the War in Ukraine
Poles on Refugees from Ukraine
Perception of Inflation
Polish – American Relations

Currently Polish – American relations are seen as good by almost three quarters of those asked (73%), 16% think they are neither good nor bad, while only a very few (2%) see them as bad, and 9% can’t or won’t say. These are the best ratings of Polish – American relations since March 1990, when 80% of those surveyed characterised relations as good. There have been dynamic changes to these assessments during the twenty-first century. The low point was in November 2012, when only almost every third respondent (32%) saw relations as good. The ratings gradually improved over the years, with particularly clear changes in October 2020 and April of this year. In effect, the percentage of respondents who think Polish – American relations are good is now 21 points higher than in July 2019. Since the start of the political transformation in Poland people assessing these relations as bad have been in a decided minority. Decreases or increases in positive assessments are associated with corresponding rises or drops in those saying they are neither good nor bad.
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More on this subject in the forthcoming CBOS report.
The above data comes from ‘Current Events and Problems’ surveys carried out in 1987–2022.

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