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Our surveys "Current Problems and Events" are carried out at least 12 times a year on a sample representative for adult Polish population, with N=1000.

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At What Point Will the Inflation Rate Stop Rising?

Inflation in Poland has reached a 25-year high. In June prices of goods and services were 15.5% higher than in June 2021.



Again on Defense Issues


Trust in Foreign Politicians


Poles about War in Ukraine ...


Moods on the Job Market in ...


CBOS conducts both quantitative and qualitative research, as well as projects combining both approaches. Since every project requires indivdual design of research tools, we adapt the methodology to the needs of each client.


JUNE 2022

Poles and the war in Ukraine
Military service and national defence
Social authority the Catholic Church
Internet use in 2022
We offer you the possibility of using the archival survey data collections from over 300 CBOS non-commercial surveys conducted between 1990 and 2017 years. The data have been transferred to the Polish Social Data Archives and are available free of charge after logging in on the Social Data Repository website.